The Crude Oil Trader

Blogger has served us well, and it reached its limitations some time ago. While the basic business model of the robo-advisor stays unchanged, I will see a few competitive risks to the standalone robo model. In the aggregate holdings of a global portfolio, gold cannot be anything but a miniscule weight from a portfolio viewpoint. Greed Index and the CNN Money Fear had fallen to levels where the marketplace had bounced but it could have gone a lot lower.

Model readings and the functionality chart have been delayed by a week from reverence to our paying subscribers. Update schedule: Model readings are normally updated by me on ETF Rankings my site on weekends and tweet any changes. Subscribers may also receive e-mail notices of any changes in my trading portfolio. The stock market is to rally on the back of a growth resurrection and the end of the earnings downturn that started in late 2014.

The principal basis for the stratospheric prices has been called China's Great Ball of Cash and Canadian real estate has been rolled into by it. Factset lately documented while the remainder of Canada have been level as Mainland Chinese money residential property costs have skyrocketed in Toronto and Vancouver, continues to be buying in those two cities. Based on the stories that have surfaced, the flood of money has made the Vancouver and Toronto property markets a Wild West (chart annotations below are mine).